Spoon-feeding information

Warning: This is a grumbling post. Read and take it seriously but not too seriously.


Friend shared this this morning, I had a laugh followed by a frown. The problem has been there, this culture of “pm” under any and every post. I didn’t know that they even do it over whatsapp now for job application. Hello, you’re in whatsapp, it’s already pm lah. 

Definitely understand the frustration. I received this on my work email the other day:


Don’t see any problem? Here is my very kind reply:


How can a group of students working on a project together, and none of them knows the mighty Google? It’s like the first result coming out can answer any question they might have about the scale. And what? “There is not even a single word information about the developer of this tool”

Some other ones I received that I can still remember:


First of all, I’m not a Sir, but okay, you didn’t know, I accept it. Second, do you know what title is for? Third, where is your content? Fourth, what’s ADCP (expecting me to google myself lah) Fifth, which scale? Sixth, “its” not “it’s”. Seventh, correction “research” 10 times please. This I didn’t bother to reply. Eh but I sort of replied here already.


I don’t know what to say.

Sometimes we can be quite frustrated when patients read too much on the internet, leading to non-compliant of treatment or non-seeking help (just self-diagnose and treat). But I really won’t deny that the internet has provided extensive information so handy that if you have a red eye now late at night, you can roughly read about it online and see what you can do or not do till you see an eye specialist the next morning etc etc.

But I see that people are taking things for granted. It’s good to just ask when you’re unsure, but please ask good questions, and when you do, ask nicely, be clear and casual is okay. I’m not asking for a formal letter (you know what is that?), just a “Hi”, who you are and why you’re writing. Is it that difficult?

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