Psychology Rating Scale & Assessment


Internet Addiction Test (.pdf) – Kimberly Young (2019/7/1: This has been removed as its copyright has recently been licensed, you may purchase it from


Adult ADHD Self-report (.pdf) – World Health Organisation


Clinical-Anger-Scale (.pdf)


Anxiety Self-Rating (.doc) – William W. K. Zung, 1971

Beck Anxiety Inventory (.pdf)

Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD-7) (.pdf)

Yale-Brown Obssessive Compulsive Disorder Scale (.pdf) (this has been removed due to potential copyright infringement, Nview Health Inc is the license provider of this tool)

Borderline Personality Disorder

Borderline Personality Disorder Scale (clinician administered interview) (.pdf)

Emotional Distress / General Screening

Robertson Emotional Distress Scale (.pdf)

Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale (.pdf)

Mental State Examination – rapid record form (.pdf)

Mini International Neuropsychiatric Interview MINI (.pdf) (this has been removed due to potential copyright infringement, Nview Health Inc is the license provider of this tool)

Positive & Negative Syndrome Scale (PANSS) Scoring Criteria (.pdf)

Valued Living Questionnaire (.pdf)

Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Practical EQ Self-Assessment (.pdf)

Quick Emotional Intelligence Self-Assessment (.pdf)

Mood Disorder / Depression

Beck’s Depression Inventory (.pdf)

Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression-17 (.pdf)

Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression-21 (.pdf)

Major Depression Inventory (.pdf) – World Health Organisation

Patient Health Questionnaire -9 (PHQ-9) (.pdf)

Young Mania Rating (.pdf)

Schizophrenia & Psychotic-related

Beliefs about Voices Questionnaire (BAVQ-R) (.pdf)

Positive & Negative Syndrome Scale (PANSS) Scoring Criteria (.pdf)

Self-Efficacy & Self-Esteem

General Self Efficacy Scale (.pdf)

Rosenberg Self Esteem Scale (.pdf)

 Separation Anxiety 

Adult Separation Anxiety (.pdf)


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The author doesn’t hold the copyright of any of these files. Please use with discretion.

12 thoughts on “Psychology Rating Scale & Assessment

  1. hi i want to permission to use and translate the Robertson Emotional Distress Scale for my own research plz send me the all description about this sacle.

    1. Hi Hina, the Emotional Distress Scale is developed by Donald Robertson, the founder of the UK College of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy, it is a brief screening tool which I sometimes use clinically. For proper research I’d suggest you to utilise scale with established validity and reliability. I’m not aware of the psychometric properties of this scale.

        1. hi hina i need Robertson emotional distress questionnaire . please send me the description about this scale if you have??

  2. It has been shown that histrionic personality disorder affects 2–3% of the general population and affects women four times more than it does men. It is classified as a cluster B (dramatic) personality disorder. In this cluster, histrionic personality disorder sits alongside antisocial, narcissistic, and …

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