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Video: Progressive Muscle Relaxation

People often underestimate how tensed their body and muscles are, and also underestimate how much more they can relax. When they lie on the couch and say “Now I’m relaxed”, there is often still a lot of unneeded tension and muscle tones in the body.

“Relaxation” was first properly studied and introduced by Edmund Jacobson (1888-1983). Notice how long he’d lived?


That’s him showing facial muscle relaxation… Do you think he’s having any thoughts in his mind? (You can read more about this man here.)

Yes, when you relax your facial muscles (especially the eyes and jaw), your mind tends to become quiet.

Click here to practice Progressive Muscle Relaxation with visualisation. 


(I know how beneficial muscle relaxation can be, but I don’t teach this skill much in my daily practice before “experiential avoidance” and “safety seeking behaviour” are explored, it’s definitely not to be used as an [unhealthy] avoidance).




  • 我的紧张不安
  • 注意到我的颤抖
  • 我涨得通红的脸
  • 我卡着说不出话来
  • 我很无聊/我的话让人无法明白
  • 我很难堪和不适
  • 我不知道该说什么/我什么都没说
  • 我很弱
  • 我很蠢
  • 我不自信
  • 我无能
  • 我很没用
  • 我不应该做这份工作
  • 我很无聊/无趣
  • 不值得花时间听我说话
  • 我做得不够好