How is your Psychological Health?

The above are some statements measuring level of emotional distress. They can serve as a guideline that something might start to go wrong in life.

It is a difficult time for almost everyone, whether it is the economy globally, crime rates in the country, personal financial issues or major life events, or day to day stress from work, family, relationships etc. We might not be able to change all these challenging situations, but we are able to change our perceptions to them, and improve our coping abilities and psychological resilience.

I am a psychologist specialised in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). I am also trained in Problem Solving Therapy and Hypnotherapy. I help people to pick up the role of therapist for their own problems.

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  1. 正念=冥想:有成千上万的方法来练习正念,而冥想静坐只是其中一个方法。
  2. 正念源自于佛教:许多宗教也进行正念练习。但正念不是一个宗教的概念,它只是一个心理技术/状态。
  3. 正念=放松:就算在充满挑战的情况里,你感觉焦虑愤怒,但你还是可以正念地接纳一切,活在当下并与环境互动,而完全不感到放松。
  4. 正念用于控制想法,去除负面想法,带来更多积极正面的想法:正念帮助我们觉察我们的想法,允许想法来来去去,并能选择哪些想法可以帮助我们朝目标前进,而哪些想法我们可以放下。
  5. 正念用于控制情绪,带来更多积极的情绪、感觉美好快乐:正念在于更完整地体验生活,也就代表体验更完整地、不管是你喜欢的积极情绪(如:快乐、爱)或消极的情绪(如:悲伤、恐惧)。



冥想 VS 正念


Suicide Survivor Support Group

Due to my attempts of organising support groups in Klang Valley (more details here), I have encountered people who are searching for support groups for all sort of things.

I just happened to come across this from Befrienders. Please go get in touch with Kenny at 03-7957 1306 or if you or someone you know might be interested to attend.


How to deal with pop-up thought?

“How do I stop thinking?”

“I have so much thought! I can’t stay focus!”

“How do I control my mind? I feel like I’m losing it.”

“I can’t sleep. There are so many thoughts, I can’t help it”

Just as the heart is designed to pump, the brain is designed to think, and it throws you with thoughts every 1 or 2 seconds, you can’t really control those thoughts or stop them from popping up, what can you do about them? How can you stay focused better? How can you direct attention to the here and now, to the present moment, to the things you want to do?

The answer is pretty simple… We all hear it every now and then… You might even have tried or practiced it before…






Yes, being mindful, noticing your thought, accepting them (no judging), then bringing your attention to the present moment. How can you achieve that?


Yes, you need to practice, keep doing it, whenever you remember, it doesn’t just happen overnight. You can start with some simple meditation, you may learn the Benson’s relaxation method (read this). Or you can try the Leaves on the Stream here (with recordings).