She started picking hair since standard 5 in primary school, and the problems got worse over the years, especially when she was under pressure. She had seen a few counsellors, also skin specialist, and was given injection on the scalp and prescribed medicine. Finally her parents decided to take her to consult psychiatrist, and within two months she got better with some SSRIs and anti-anxiety drugs. She then stopped taking the medicine. Her hair was growing again.

Few days ago the mother called up, saying her problem is back. When she was sweeping her room, she could see hair all over her bed, pillows and on the floor. The mother asked if we could provide phone counselling to help her (without using medication, as it was causing drowsiness).

This kind of request is not untypical here. Asian people (including myself) tend not to take so much western medicine, and avoid it as much as possible. I can understand that. But the girl’s trichotillomania (hair pulling) problem has a biological components.

Most mental or psychiatric illnesses have a biological component, whether it’s depression, anxiety, OCD, psychosis (obvious!) etc. Sometimes it depends on the type of illness, sometimes on the individual, sometimes it depends on which episode (which means for the same individual, she could have a biological trigger last year but this time it’s a pure psychological triggered episode), sometimes it’s a mix of both. For a person who suffers from very bad OCD, medication can probably reduce his symptoms of 30-50%, but still leaving symptoms that would still interfere with his life, so for this part he would need psychological interventions.

So I explained to the mother that she needs medication, pure counselling may relieve her symptoms to an extend, but not all of it. Because when something is wrong biologically, she would need medication to help her, whereas psychological interventions can help her to reduce her anxiety and stress, and to learn to cope with stress, mood swing, etc.

The best treatment for her would be both medication and psychological interventions, and a good combination is in fact the best and most effective treatment for a lot of people and for many mental illness and psychological problems, unfortunately nowadays this is not the kind of service provided anywhere.








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