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UPDATE 29/10/2018:

To keep things simple and organised for me, please fill in this form if you are interested to join the support groups!


I’ve been asked about support groups quite a few times and been thinking how I can start this. It’s definitely something very common in western countries, I’m not sure how it will work here in Malaysia. Now I’m proposing the idea here, and for anyone who reads this and is interested in any of the support groups, please get in touch, let me know what you think and how we can start this and get it going!

Support groups for:

  1. Depression or mood related problems
  2. OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)
  3. Anxiety or stress related problems
  4. Schizophrenia and psychotic related disorders
  5. Carers (immediate family etc)

What is it? How does it go? What do we do?

  1. Meet monthly or every fortnightly for an hour or so
  2. Getting to know people who share the same or similar problems
  3. Casual discussion following a theme that we set (led by me)
  4. Sharing, supporting and learning among/from each other


  1. English
  2. Mandarin / Cantonese


  1. Klinik Pakar Au Yong, Jln Pudu, KL
  2. Manipal Hospitals Klang
  3. Some cafes in Klang Valley?
  4. (NEW) Some cafes in Johor Bahru / Batu Pahat?


  1. Patient’s willingness! (is not forced by others to join us; willingly attend, participate, share and listen to others)
  2. At least 3 to form a group
  3. To treat others with respect and maintain confidentiality
  4. To share the cost of a small administrations/materials/venue fees (if any)
  5. It’s mainly for people who are undergoing treatment (medical/psychological/other) and need some support along the way, NOT a platform to vent your emotional problems and personal frustrations. 

These are just some ideas for now, if you have some ideas or are interested, please do leave your contacts (email or contact numbers) below or get in touch by emailing or calling/whatsapp 017-2757813

76 thoughts on “Support Groups in KL / Klang

  1. I stay in klang and have been bedridden for nearly 7 mths in 2016 and last year i did an angioplasty. Long story of my medical problem. I just need help to overcome my depression as dr have mention i suffer from that

    1. Hey Jeffrey, I’ve sent you an email, not sure if you are looking for support group (meeting others facing similar problems) or treatment, do get in touch. Take care.

  2. Hi

    As much as i am embaressed to ask. I think i need medical and professional help to be normal again. Not only am i making my life a hell to live in but others too.

  3. Hi, I’m looking for support groups for anxiety disorder. I’d like to be in touch with those of similar situation as I am. Hope to hear from you soon!

    1. Hey Fatin! Good to hear from you, which area are you in? I’ve also sent you an email. Looking forward to hearing from you!

    1. Hey Kenneth, thank you for reaching out.

      I haven’t been able to form one for immediate family/carer/supporters. Where do you base in? You can perhaps bring your partner for a depression support group and then we will see if we are able to form a support group for supporters from there.

      For the time being, if you are interested, please let me know where do you base and languages you can speak comfortably in, I shall put you in the list.

      Also, you may check out the Malaysian Mental Health Association website here They run regular courses and events for supporters.

      Hope this helps!
      I’ve also sent you an email. :)

    2. i felt so much better after take a break and went for Diving with Ninety Nine Islands Diver at Langkawi. it was really helpful and this team changed my life.

  4. Can anybody please help me to join any support group..please..i really want to join for such a long time ago..

  5. Hello, I just left a whatsapp message. Because of certain circumstances over the past months or years, having really severe depression which I think started to get worse really rapidly with every day lately. Would appreciate just someone to talk to. Thanks..

  6. I been going through emotional struggles and feeling alone ,depressed, wanting to get some support and help to get self healing . looking forward for some feedback

  7. Hi there, I work with an NGO called Malaysian Care and I am also currently taking a course on Group Counselling/ Therapy/ Group Work. I would like to connect with you to find out more about the services you offer and also I may be able to refer you some of our clients that may be in need of a support group in the future if it is relevant. Thank you.

  8. I’ve been searching for help for the longest time ..initially found some relief from apps but somehow it’s not helping much.. Wishing there’s a group of like mindedness helping one another. .. how do we go about this..

    1. Hey CT, what kind of support group are you looking for? I will be dropping you an email, need more information from you.

      To the rest who are interested, please drop a comment/whatsapp/email to let me know (1) which support group you’d like to join, (2) your location or where you can comfortably travel to, (3) what language do you speak. Also, let me know whether you are undergoing any treatments.

      1. Huibee.. I belief i have depression and i’m comfortable with klang/shah alam/subang and puchong.. im not taking any medication nor getting any other form of treatment/relief/support. I prefer english if possible, else mandarin/cantonese/bahasa malaysia is alright too.

  9. I am in need to talk and get support from
    someone – more related to family
    matters – always feeling depressed n
    low and feel lonely not motivared.

  10. Hi Hui Bee, glad I came across this website. I think I have mild social anxiety and it’s been a while and surely bothering my life so much. I wish to join the anxiety support group. I’m okay with area like kepong/ wangsa maju/ kl. I can speak English and Mandarin.

  11. hi hui bee, is this group still active?
    I’m facing quite a serious social anxiety and I’m actually looking for this kind of support group.
    I have filled the form, hope to get your reply soon. Thanks!

  12. Hi.I am Aynee.Im looking for a support group that currently could help with my situation.I lost my loved one in May.And im still grieving and sometimes its too overwhelming to cope with it alone.I would very much like to speak and talk to someone about it.Can you help me?

    1. Hey Aynee, thank you for reaching out. Sorry for your loss. Yes I believe it can be overwhelming to cope with it on your own. At the moment I’m not aware of any bereavement support group in Malaysia, I’d like to suggest that you get in touch with Xiao En Counselling (, you can also message them on facebook (

      Hope this helps, do get in touch again if I can be of any help.

  13. Hi, I’ve been recently thinking of ways to reach out & help others in support groups. And viola.. I found you. Would certainly love to hear from you. Many thanks.

  14. Hi, I am looking for a support group for my son who was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Is there a support group for son? He’s in his 30s? Also would like to know if there are any support groups for the family or carers?

    1. Hi there, I assumed that your son is currently under treatment for his schizophrenia, if he’s in remission, do get him to fill up the google form above.
      For carers, please try to be in touch with MMHA (Malaysian Mental Health Association), I believe they run support groups and courses for carers.

      Best wishes.

  15. Hi, I’m looking for support as I’ve been dealing with sadness, struggles, and needing to get that confidence back. It’s hard to find those who can relate well to me. We are in the same boat after all, us here.

  16. hi, im 19 year old college student and i was diagnosed with chronic depression and anxiety. how do i get into the support group? i want to find more ways to cope other than depending on my meds or my therapist

    1. Hi there, do fill in the google form, I will be in touch as soon as I can! Do continue with your medication and therapy sessions till your are ready.

    1. Hey Kay, there hasn’t been enough number for those suffering from bipolar, please do fill in the google form if you haven’t already, I’ll be in touch as soon as there are more. Best wishes.

  17. hi, I am a carer to my son who has anxiety disorder. Is there any support group that I and my son can join in Putrajaya? TQ

  18. Hi my mother is being treated for depression and anxiety and I think a support group will be of great help for her. She lives in Subang USJ2. Is there an existing support group in the area? She converse mainly in Cantonese and somewhat good level of English. Thank you.

    1. Yes some of the groups are running. Of course possible, please do fill in the google form if you haven’t already done so. :)

    1. Hi there, there’s not any support group running in Johor Bahru at the moment, but once there’s enough people who are interested, I will be in touch with the details. For the meanwhile please fill in the google form. :)

  19. Hi. A friend of mine never went to any treatment before but I do know that she have some serious battle within her. Now, I’m looking for support group to help her. Is it possible for her to join this support group since she did not undergo any treatment? She’s studying in Batu Pahat, btw.

    1. Hi, the main purpose of support group is for people to meet others who are suffering from similar problems, to support each other during recovery and the ups and downs. If she hasn’t been diagnosed and undergoing any treatment, it can easily leave her or other participants feeling traumatised or irrelevant or left out.
      The support group is definitely not a replacement of professional help. If her problem is bad, please do bring her for help asap.

  20. Hi. I’ve been having thoughts of self harm lately, started realizing this when I have thoughts of not caring for my safety like I used to (for example, wishing for a car to hit me when crossing the road). I’ve never been diagnose by a doctor before so I don’t know if I’m having any mental illness. Can you guys help me?

  21. I feel stressed n depressed having to care fr my ill-tempered mother who is suffering stage 4 cancer. Would appreciate if I could join a support group. Thks.

  22. I have a friend diagnosed recently with Borderline Personality Disorder and is currently in treatment with a therapist. She had isolated herself from friends and family as her condition has strained most of her relationships. She really needs more social interactions with ppl who understand this condition. Can I fill out the form for her?

    1. Hey, please do share the page with her and allow her to fill it up herself if she’s keen to join. If she isn’t even motivated to fill up a form, I doubt if she’d be willing to join and participate the group actively…

  23. My son 20 yrs old is diagnose for bypolar disorder and looking for a support group or buddy to join . We are staying in Bandar Sunway

  24. Hi there. I am a 5 months pregnant mother who suffer a depression due to some trauma that I had been through few months before. I need to be around those who can understand and support me. I live in Sungai Petani Kedah and comfortable with malay language.

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