In the news: Mum killed for asking son to take psychiatric medication

I heard this news on the radio this morning. It just somehow worried me wondering whether it was one of our patients, and I had this mother in my mind.

She used to consult doctor on behalf of her adult son and collect medicine for him. All the while she brings medicine to her son but according to her, the son doesn’t think he has any problems. The son isn’t very keen to take those many tablets and liquids, but she can always make him take them.

Recently she insisted to bring the son to come to see psychiatric doctor, despite the son saying he has no problems. She said he’s willing to come. But hey, if you think he has no problems, why would you come to see a psychiatrist? Are you being forced to come?

In our job we came to know a lot of family members who have to supervise the patient’s medicine. Though we never encourage forcing patients to take medicine. So this morning when I heard this news I was worried about some old parents who are very caring but also too anxious and sometimes stubborn being involved in this kind of tragedy.

We are not asking you to stop caring about your mentally ill family, but sometimes they’re no longer themselves when their mind is taken over by the psychiatric illness, you don’t know what they’re going to do, you can’t make usual expectations as if they are not sick. So please seek professional help! And no, you don’t have to take them with you, or force them to come with you!

TheSunDaily: Mum killed for asking son to take medication

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