Is psychotherapy for me?

Psychotherapy is for you if…

  • you have some insights to your problems and conditions; and even if you don’t, you’re willing to learn about them
  • you believe that psychotherapy can help you
  • you are willing to try hard to commit yourself to the therapy (e.g. completing the homework given between the sessions)
  • you can work co-cooperatively with the therapist
  • you don’t think psychotherapy or the therapist is magic
  • you can have realistic expectation of what psychotherapy can and cannot do (e.g. can understand that you may not recover completely but still, it will help you to develop some useful and practical skills so that you live a more meaningful life)
  • it doesn’t matter whether you’re seeing a psychiatrist or taking psychiatric medicine, but do take note that psychotherapy is not a substitute for psychiatric drugs, quite often they work well together; so do not stop the medicine unless advised by your attending doctor (quite often the psychiatrists have their rationale and expertise while prescribing those medicines to you, and it’s not down to any other doctor or therapist to comment).


Psychotherapy is NOT for you if…

  • you don’t think you have a problem, you’re here because your family/partner/parent/friend make you come.
  • you think the therapist will make you recover and there’s nothing much you need to do
  • you aren’t willing to put an effort to help yourself
  • you can’t work cooperatively with the therapist
  • you are in too great distress that you can’t think, can’t reason, can’t pull yourself to do anything
  • you don’t believe that psychotherapy can help you
  • you think psychotherapy can replace your psychiatric drugs completely (or from the very beginning)

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