Alcohol Related Amnesia / Post-Injury Personality Change

He has a history of substance abuse but he overcame the addiction spending 3 years in a rehab centre in Singapore. But during this period of time, he’s become dependent on alcohol.

He was involved in an accident one day when he was taking a cab. His head was injured. Since his recovery he seemed to have become somebody else. He was calm and patient. Now he’s short tempered and very easily agitated. He also doesn’t care about what people think about him anymore, he’d walk around naked in the house, in front of the very young daughter and maid.

What’s worse is his attitudes and behaviour after he gets drunk, he became aggressive and very bad-tempered. He has injured people on several occasions now, on one occasion he even held a chopstick wanting to put it through somebody’s throat, but he was stopped by several friends, whom injured by him.

He had no memories of these incidents the next day when he’s awake.

His wife was very worried. He even beat her up when he was drunk, but the next day he couldn’t recall anything. He was very sorry so the wife forgave him. But she doesn’t what to do as if this continues she and the daughter will be at risk. They don’t know what he’ll do when he’s drunk.

From the wife’s view, he’s very kind and friendly, although he does see quite low of himself, as he’s an adopted child, growing up being teased and laughed by his peers. Till he was involved in the accident his personality has all changed.

What’s the treatment option for such kind of personality change following head injury? How about the alcohol related amnesia – is quitting it the best or the only solution?

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