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Teenage Schizophrenia

She comes from a single parent family, with three younger siblings. Her father runs a stall in market, has to look after all four children and a grandmother of old age. She stopped schooling at the age of 14, being unable to continue due to her mental illness.

This is a girl suffering from schizophrenia. She is paranoid, hallucinating and very easily agitated. She spent her day pacing the floor in the house, talking to herself, and doesn’t sleep at night. When she sees her younger sister, she will be abusive and swearing at her, saying she wants to destroy her sister’s face, saying she couldn’t accept that the sister is prettier than her (the sister is only 4-5 years old!). When she looks into mirror, she gets angry and will be cursing again. She uses the meanest words despite her young age.

Her father tries very hard to do his best for her. He does all the washing, cooking, tidying up etc for her. But sometimes he has to protect the younger children. One day they had an argument and the father even slapped her twice. The father was later regretful, understanding it was her illness not her, but also feeling quite lost not knowing what to do with her. He wanted to move out with her so that the younger children are not negatively influenced, but who’s going to look after the younger ones?

When her father first came to the clinic she had already been suffering from Schizophrenia for at least 2 years. Over months the father consulted psychiatrist on behalf and giving her medicine, she takes them willingly not knowing what they were for. She gets better and is able to start some tuition classes although not the mainstream education. She recently gets so much better that she could come to consult doctor with the father, still agitated, paranoid and abusive, but much better compared to 3-4 months ago. I think this is also a good example of family consulting doctor on behalf that brings a satisfying outcome (see post: Schizophrenia & Consent to Treatment).

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