Daily Archives: September 24, 2013

Epileptic Personality

She brought a big blue bag into the consultant room. Once she sat down she opened the bag and started to show all kind of handcraft to the doctor, some knitting, some lanterns done with straws, a lot of very neat and tidy letters and writings. At the same time she was talking, or should I say, grumbling about her life, her family, her church friends.

She’s helping her mother who runs a coffee shop, so is her brother. Sometimes she sees people chatting with her brother, laughing happily, she’ll walk away. She wonders, “why never I feel happy? I don’t want to see them being happy. I can never be happy like them.” In the letters that she wrote, she hopes that people will come to talk to her more, make her happy.

But she’s always grumbling. When she rang her younger sister, all she does is grumbling. Her sister is used to it and so she will just listen. She likes people following her way, she knows it, and is still very insisting.

She’s still having fits and seizures, despite taking 10 tablets of Epilim 200mg each day. When it happens she will just stop what she’s doing and lie herself down.

Rigidity, stubborn, obsession, repetitive, enjoy doing works that require a lot of repeating, very tidy, jealousy, depressive, dependent, avoidance, low self-esteem, feeling of not in control of own life … – some very common behavioural and emotional changes in persons with epilepsy, which are usually carried with them for the rest of their lives…