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Female Vs Male Clinicians (Psychologist, Therapist, Psychiatrist, Doctor, Specialist etc)

Note: This is a very different post, it consists of mainly (think-out-loud) personal feelings and opinions, not so professional but I no longer have a personal blog to write this. So please do skip if you’re here for more proper topics and information.

I used to feel quite frustrated as a female therapist, kind of like vulnerable not being able to do home visits as needed. Because of this, I turned down quite some people and felt bad couldn’t help those who are not able to leave home.

Until two days ago, this news of a male psychiatrist “sexually harass his rape victim patient” became viral. (I’m not sure if it’s really viral, as in, if I were not in this field, would I come across this piece of “news”?).

I’m a visiting consultant in the same private hospital with this doctor (no, not the one where the victim consulted him). I don’t know him personally, in fact, I have never met him. But we have referred cases to each other, spoken over the phone for a number of times, and exchanged emails.

After a discussion with my male psychiatric colleagues, we suspect that we know who the victim is, she has consulted each of us before. (Two years ago she found me online, some weeks later I referred her to see one of the psychiatrists, and then not long ago she came to see another one of them).

Yet, I don’t know what happened, and having said so much, I don’t intend to talk about this news. Though I hope the psychiatrist will be found as soon as possible, whether or not he has done it. (It’s fairly unprofessional for those major medias to simply take the information from worldofbuzz and reported it as news as if everything that was said by the victim was 100% true).

No I’m not siding anyone. Not that because he’s my colleague or we are from the same field that I’m siding anyone. But, this incident makes me realised, how vulnerable those clinicians, especially the male ones can be. Because I’m sure 99.99% of the people who read about this news would find the doctor disgusting. (Similar to the politician case, who was accused by his maid of raping).

No I’m saying who’s right or wrong or indicating anything. I’m just saying, it’s important to listen to both sides of the story, if possible, especially before you condemn anyone, or leave strong comments. (Of course, it wouldn’t be possible if the person is missing… Well, then any conclusion can be drawn?)

As of now, I feel lucky, because I’m a female therapist. Of course females do molest and sexually assault others! But at least the stereotype and prejudice are not there to begin with.

I’ve also heard of cases of doctors-to-be or specialists-to-be, during their studies or trainings, were complaint of sexually related wrong-doing (convicted or not I can’t be sure), yet eventually they were still allowed to graduate or to start practicing. I think universities are not there to just educate and train their students to become doctors, it’s also very important to determine, whether or not this person can be a doctor, in that sense. It’s not just about passing the exams academically. HEY med school professors, you are putting the patients out there at risk, if you know and do nothing about it.

So, if I may, I have three hopes here:

For the med schools, your roles are more important than just education and training.

For the law-makers, I think we need sexual offenders register (or sex offender registry in the US) in this country. Not just the child one (which was launched earlier this year, bravo!).

I hope all the doctors and therapists and counsellors out there learn to protect themselves, male or female.