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What reinforces Suicidal Behaviour?

Suicidal behaviour doesn’t just mean the attempt or act of killing oneself, but also includes talking about it, thinking about it, threatening others about it, imagining it and even fantasising about it.

Here are some common reinforcers of suicidal behaviour:

  • relief from pain (even just thinking about it can lead to some instant relief from pain)
  • overt avoidance (can stay away from situations that one doesn’t want to be in)
  • diminished responsibility (people expect less from the person)
  • attention
  • forgiveness
  • identification with hero or idol
  • distraction from other issues
  • revenge (I wrote about this before here)
  • prevent abandonment (“if you leave me, I’m going to kill myself”)
  • escape punishment


Maybe you want to read about this too: Euthanasia

Please give yourself a second chance. Malaysia suicide hotlines:

The Befrienders
03-7956 8144/ 03-7956 8145

Life Line Association Malaysia
03-4265 7995

Agape Counselling Center Malaysia
03-7785 5955 / 03-7781 0800