The need to maintain with psychiatric medicine

He’s a long-standing patient with paranoid delusions, all the while maintaining with medicine and depot injection. Though, past 2-3 years, he started to reduce his medicine, and at one point, he stopped them all completely, didn’t come back for follow-up and injection.

Within half a year, he had relapsed, with agitation, insomnia, sensitivity and sometimes he could be violent. He isolated himself from the family, spending all the time in his room. When the parents talked to him, he either ignored them or responded angrily.

So the mother started to put the medicine in his dinner, over time he got more stable, at least willing to listen to family, going out with them, and having better temper.

Few days ago his sister called up, saying patient’s condition has got so bad, he was threatening, paranoid and picking on the mother, throwing away her stuff, very agitated and always scolding the family members, also he has spent all his time awake.

The sister said the mother stopped giving him medicine since three weeks ago, as patient was listening to some calming religious musics, and was so much better — better-tempered and didn’t appear sensitive or paranoid at all. The mother thought he’d recovered, decided that he didn’t need the medicine anymore.

Now with his very much deteriorated condition, the family members have no ways to bring him to see a psychiatric doctor and for injection, also no way to make him take the medicine. The mother has also been threatened so much that she was afraid her life could be in danger, and is in the dilemma of whether to move out from the house (which then means nobody can help him).

This is not to say that calming religious music, chanting or prayer, relaxation exercises, meditation etc couldn’t help with one with psychotic disorders, quite often they can be very soothing and calming, at times they can even prevent mild relapses, but they cannot be a complete replacement of medicine. It’s always practical to at least let the patient (with schizophrenia or psychotic disorders) to maintain with a mild dose of psychiatric drugs, so that the condition will be more manageable even when a relapse takes place. (though for patients with good insight of their conditions, especially those with anxiety disorders or depression [but not psychotic disorders], it’s possible to stop all the medicine and only take back when needed).


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