Useless Psychotherapy?

For some people, I’d admit yes, psychotherapy can be quite pointless for them. For example, some therapists like to keep their clients coming to see them weekly for years, and yes I mean yearS, I don’t see the point. No matter how big the issue or problem a client has, it’s barely beneficial for the client to attend therapy sessions over 2-3 years. Sometimes it gets habitual, or some clients get attached to the therapist and literally can’t live without him/her.

Psychotherapy is supposed to let clients leave with confidence to sort their own problems and live their lives, with the necessary skills, motivation and direction. Well, supposed.

But recently, I came across some medical students who think talking to their mothers or friends equal to doing CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy). I don’t know what people learn in their medical degrees, but really? That’s what the mother told me. He thinks he was already having psychotherapy session after a long talk with his mother regarding his obsession and anxiety issues.

Well, I do think mothers are one of the best healers on earth, whatever their backgrounds and educational levels, they seem to be so empowered and empowering. But really? Is that all you need to get out of your OCD and anxiety? So what do we psychotherapist / psychologist / therapist do then? Go home to find our mothers and look for solution?

My two cents, try to gain a bit more knowledge before you settle down with a solution or conclusion. Sometimes you may suffer through a difficult path for many years only realizing that it was your ignorance that causes all your suffer.

N.B. Sorry for the sarcasm. It’s only applicable to a very small number of people.

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