Caregiver Education Course

The Malaysian Mental Health Association is running a Caregiver Education Course in April, which I think would be very useful and also a great opportunity for immediate family members and carers, especially for those taking care of people who suffer from chronic mental health problems. I believe they will also welcome anyone in the mental health profession to come to learn and share.

The course will cover a few mental disorders (e.g. schizophrenia, mood and anxiety disorders) and some modules like understanding the brain and psychiatric drugs, learning about handling crisis and communication skills etc.

What is even better is that the course is free of charge, and will be running on four consecutive Sundays in April starting on the 12th. So it shouldn’t affect those who work during the week. Though, participants should attend the entire course to get the full benefits. Also, this course will be provided in English, but the association is also looking to run more courses later this year, and hopefully some will be in Chinese.

For further information, please contact MMHA 03-7782 5499

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