Where to find Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy in Malaysia?

I’ve come across this question three days in a row, of people asking for hynotherapist in Klang Valley or Kuala Lumpur or Malaysia.

All the while I never really mentioned to people that I’ve a diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy (accredited by the UK College of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy), especially ever since I came back from the UK. I thought the Malaysians would hold so many misconceptions about hypnosis that if I were to tell people about this qualification of mine, people were going to be worried what I was going to do to them! (Make them give me all their savings?!)

But these people that I spoke to kind of change what I thought, although some of their beliefs of what hypnosis can do are still not quite true or slightly exaggerated (based on my training background of evidence-based cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy & clinical psychology).

Here I’d like to introduce a few basic introductory (text) books to self-hypnosis, mainly cognitive behavioural based and empirically supported, you can learn more about them and perhaps try to practise them at home, do let me know if you have come up with any problems or obstacles. Not that I’ll definitely be able to answer all your questions BUT I do know a number of therapists in the UK who use hypnosis to help people in their own private clinics.


Alladin, A. (2008). Cognitive Hypnotherapy: An Integrated Approach to the Treatment of Emotional Disorders.

Heap, M. & Aravind, K. (2002). Hartland’s Medical & Dental Hypnosis (4th ed.)

Lynn, S. J. & Kirsch, I. (2005). Essentials of Clinical Hypnosis: An Evidence-based Approach (Dissociation, Trauma, Memory, and Hypnosis Book Series)

Robertson, D. (2012). The Practice of Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy: A Manual of Evidence based Clinical Hypnosis. (my review here)

Straus, R. A. (1982). Strategic Self-Hypnosis.

(The Alladin’s and Lynn & Kirsch’s text books are easy to understand, especially when you have some backgrounds in psychology or practicing self-help; The Robertson’s book is the most extensive resources on CBH you can ever find!)


A wide range of resources about what hypnotherapy can do, a private clinic in South Manchester: Manchester Hypnotherapy & Counselling

N.B. If you do come across any hypnotherapist in Malaysia please do share it here!

111 thoughts on “Where to find Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy in Malaysia?

  1. 1.Please let me know, as a registered hypnotherapist, are you able to cure drug addiction .
    2. For an a person requiring success in the above , what are your treatment plans & cost involved & your percentage of current success rate on drug addiction .
    3.Please provide your direct contact phone number & address

    1. Hi Durai, hypnotherapists do deal with addictions, but it does depend on what type or what drug it is in this case. The success rates quite often depend on the individuals instead of what treatments used. There is more things that I need to know before I can give you more concrete answers.

      I have sent an email to you regarding possible treatment plans and my contacts.

    1. Thank you for your visit to my site.

      No offence – I’m not familiar with NLP training and sorts, but after a short exploration on your site, I have yet to find out by who/what/where all the qualifications are accredited and licensed. I have no intention to cause any suspicions in my readers, but a clarification would be helpful to the visitors of your site, since people nowadays are generally quite critical. 🙂

  2. Hi I am currently going thru lots of financial issue…most of time unable to succeed in my sales due to the way I think…pls I need help

  3. I’m feeling negative, no confidence & demotivated when it comes to my career. How can this help me to overcome?

  4. Greetings,

    I have motivation/procrastination issues and am curious if hypnotherapy can be of help. Please include rates in your reply.

  5. I am Practitioner of NLP , Certified NLP Coach and Hypnotist from Pakistan. I am looking for some organization to work with in KL. My no is 016590714

    1. Hey Bhanisha, hypnotherapy and psychotherapy would definitely help in dealing with painful and unpleasant memories, though not necessarily removing the memory completely from one’s mind, but letting go of it.

      I’ve just sent you an email, please check it out.

  6. hello, does hypnotherapy work for bad habits/addiction eg thumb sucking for adults. Im suffering from this and I really want to stop.

  7. Hi, I’d really like to cure my poor vision and stop my usage of glasses completely. (which i’ve been having for more than a decade now) found out i cant do lasik eye surgery as my eyeballs are too thin hence have no other option. will hypnotherapy help to get 20/20 vision? tq

    1. Hey Vie, there has been studies on combining hypnosis with some carefully selected exercises did improve one’s eyesight. However, I wouldn’t believe if any hypnotherapist claims that they can restore your 20/20 vision! Also most of the improvement the cases have made was not permanent, i.e. the severity of myopia returned after few months or so.

      On a side note, if you do find any relevant “professional services”, please do share it here, I’d be more than happy to go through the qualifications and perhaps tell you whether it’s going to work. If it will, perhaps we can go together, I’ve been wearing glasses for almost two decades now!

      1. Hahah i feel you! i cant even wear contacts as my eyes are to sensitive. sigh. i assumed that since hypnotherapy was connected to the power of belief (ie, we will believe whatever our subconscious tells us to)that, if somehow we got the subconscious to believe we could see clearly, we would. anyway, do email me of you know of any success stories, etc. thanksss!

        1. You are right Vie, that success of hypnotherapy has a lot to do with one’s belief, expectation and motivation. Though I have to add that it is when there isn’t an organic or medical cause of the problem. Hypnotherapy can’t remove the tumour in one’s brain, BUT studies have shown that it’s good in helping to deal with the pain, stress, anxiety and depression that comes with the tumour, and hence making the cancer treatment more effective. Hypnotherapy also works very well in pain management, especially chronic pain (when the pain doesn’t serve any purpose to us).

          So, in our problems with eyesight, I’m sure you do believe that there are some organic problems there… I will be in touch if I come across any story of success!

  8. Hi. I have a lot of things to ask how does this things gonna work and how much do i have to pay for a session. Hope to hear from you soon.

  9. Hi, I would like to bring my husband n me for an exposure. Hopefully can make our life better.
    Do email me for the quote.

    1. Hi Az, yes it can, though we might need to work together to find a more specific definition of the treatment goal, “boosting motivation in life” is kind of vague. 🙂

  10. I had been in suffering with depression and feel guilty about myself , loss confident in facing fear , anxiety and need boosting motivation in life to deal with bad thought and my personality problem because of some bad childhood memories that affected my life around 20 years till now I’m 30 years old. already . frustated with it.i need help.does it can being treat ?Do email me for the quote.

      1. Hi there, i would really like to experience hypnosis to get rid of my smoking addiction. Could u guys help me out please

    1. Hey, just sent it again. You might need to check your spam mail, although it really shouldn’t be going into that.

  11. I have having anxiety and cold sweats during presentations and meeting some people but internally I am not stressed.. don’t know what it is pls help

  12. Hi
    Can it help to change our bad behaviour such as laziness, also makes us had a better self confident, or even helps sales team closing better? How long does it last? And how much is the cost

    1. Yes hypnotherapy works pretty well for confidence issues and bad habits, provided that the person is motivated and can be focused to work on the problems.

      (Niza and I have spoken over whatsapp)

    1. Hey Khalida, in short, yes! Hypnotherapy works well for children of 8-12 years old. I’ve sent you an email, look forward to hearing from you.

  13. I am easily to cry whether i met what matters, does it can be hypnotherapy to cure it? I feel very depressed from it.

  14. Hi,I have a son who is heavily addicted to gambling.I am looking for ways to help him but nothing works.Can hypnotism helps?How do you charge and how many visits should we take for him to walk away from gambling.Tks

    1. Hi Angela, hypnotherapy works effectively for (small) bad habits (e.g. nail-biting, hair-pulling, thumb-sucking, smoking, snacking, frowning, crossing legs). However, for adult with gambling addiction, he might need proper addiction treatment programme (combining rehab, CBT and residential treatment if needed), and when his compulsive behaviour reduces, it would be essential to treat the underlying conditions.

      I’ve sent you an email. Do get back.

  15. Hi, Im looking for hypotherapy services for a friend who is having hard time. She need positive reaffirmation. can anyone quote and email me back at velsrisharminie91@gmail. Kinda urgent. Thanks.

    1. Hey I’ve sent you an email, some questions regarding your comment and current condition. Please do get back to me. Best wishes.

  16. im having anxiety and a bit of depression that makes me unable to enjoy my life activity as normal. it affecting my relationship, myself esteem and life. i always have difficulties trusting people too and woke up feeling anxious in the morning. can you give me a quitation. my email i sofea997@gmail.com. Im dont have much money but i hope it will be reasonable price though. tq

  17. hey, right now im having serious issue with morning sickness and i read that hypnotherapy can help. please do mention on the charges also.

    1. Hi Lee, I conduct psychotherapy sessions for mood and anxiety related problems, sleeping difficulties, coping with stress/worries, phobia, OCD, relaxation training, confidence building, problem solving, habit reversal, mindfulness and acceptance etc, using CBT and ACT.
      I’m also trained in cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy (the hypnotherapy with the most robust clinical and experiment evidence), but it’s not the main approach that I use here in Malaysia, as hypnosis can be a contraindication to more severe problems of the clients that I see. There is always alternative in psychotherapy that can help with one’s problems.

      1. Hi Hui Bee, I heard lots of things related to hypnotherapy. There are some questions I would like to know:-

        1) How much is the charges for a session? How long for one session? How many sessions needed?
        2) Is your hypnotist related to pass regression?
        3) Is your service related to Transpersonal Hypnotherapy? Change eating behavior? Just like I found an articles in https://www.essexlive.news/news/essex-news/meet-brentwood-mum-hypnotised-dropping-2050994

        My email : suzanasuzie641208@gmail.com


        Sujos Wong

  18. I have so much of negativity in me and i find it difficult to forgive people and this is only hurting me and making me be a bitter person. I get stressed out too often over everything. Can this therapy help? Plz email me the quotation.

  19. I have a daughter with eating disorder America. Age 14
    She currently have anxiety to deal and cope with study stress especially on exam
    She is considered low esteemed but perfectionist person. Can this be treated using hyno
    Her weight now is normal bmi level but still have negative perception on her body image
    Ie trying to lose further weights

    1. Hi Chong, yes, hypnotherapy generally works well for teenagers and for anxiety, stress, confidence and body image issues. I’ve written you an email, do get back.

  20. 請問您《Cognitive Hypnotherapy: An Integrated Approach to the Treatment of Emotional Disorders》有中文翻譯版嗎

    1. 你好,據我所知是沒有的。這所有關於認知催眠或認知行為催眠療法的書,目前都沒有中文翻譯版本。如果有的話請務必分享,謝謝~

  21. Hi….i have a daughter who is always blaming me for her weakness etc. I would really want my daughter to have clarity in her life and i am also willing to be heal if i am the reason she is now. Tq

  22. Hi, I have lots of issues in my life at the moment, relationship, financial, taking action, procrastinate etc .. this has affected mood tremendously especially to my loved ones.. I want to be healed from all the stress.. can you help me on how to deal with this issues.. thank you.

  23. Hi, may I know the average price for a session of hypnotherapy and where can i find them in subang areas? I’m constantly depressed and have sudden panic attacks without any triggers so it is hard for me to solve my emotional problems on my own. Could hypnotherapy make me reveal my true problems through my subconcious?

  24. I sometimes feels so worthless and worry too much about things ahead.. low self esteem and too negative.. can hypnotherapy help?

  25. Need help to forget someone and smoking habits. Hypnosis can help? Any recommendations in JB? KL too far to get treatment.

    1. Hi WL, yes hypnosis works very well for smoking cessation, if that’s what you are looking for; with forgetting someone, it would help too. If you are keen, we can do this online without you travelling across different states. I’ve just sent you an email, do check it out.

  26. Hi Hui Bee, i would like to know more about forgetting someone through hypnosis. Would like to hear from you soon. thank you.

  27. Hello, I’m suffering from a phobia of swallowing food due to the past choking of food. I’m looking good hypnotherapist in Johor Bahru. Can you help me miss?

    1. Hi Harris, yours is a problem that hypnotherapy works very well for and in probably 3-4 sessions or less. Please do explore the earlier comments, there is a list of registered hypnotherapist in Malaysia, hopefully you find hypnotherapist in JB.

      Right now I’m only seeing clients online and have reached the maximum capacity for the time being.

  28. Hi. I went thru 2 hypnosis session and i found out that its very hard to go into the hypnotic trance state needed for me to sort out my problems. Do you know anyone who is really skillfull in bringing even the most stubborn trance resistant person into that state? I have GAD and i truly belive that hypnosis is one of the ways to help me, aside from the medication that i received.

    1. Hi Rey, thank you for reaching out. Hypnosis is not about the state you are in, more of whether or not you are responding (strongly) to the therapeutic suggestions that you will benefit from. As the Father of Hypnosis James Braid defined it, hypnosis is “a focused attention on monoideism”
      I’d suggest that you consider a more evidence-based approach to hypnosis for your GAD, one that doesn’t require you to enter any specific state, but more of training you how to use the power of your mind and psychology for the problems you now have and might have in the future.

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