Intervention Programmes for Autism in Malaysia

It just happened that I was doing a brief research on the internet and among my friends who are in the field, so here is some information that might be useful to those who are looking for early intervention programmes for children diagnosed with Autism. (It is up-to-date on April 2016, within Klang Valley only).

I’d advise to take your child and visit the centre, get a feel of how it’s like on a typical day, on top of enquiring what they offer and how they charge. If possible, bring someone who knows a bit more in the field!

  • Autism Link, Petaling Jaya (
    • Using Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA), 1:1 individually tailored
    • Parental training weekly
    • Monday – Friday (3 hours class)
    • Morning RM5500/month; Afternoon 4800/month; Full day 8500/month
    • Contact: 016-6100309 / 03-7957 0795; Email:
    • According to a ABA therapist friend who used to work there, this centre is strongly recommendable if parents/family is financially capable.
  • Hatching, Jaya One, Petaling Jaya (
    • Modified ABA, 1:4 group (1 teacher/therapist, 4 children)
    • Workshop for parents/children monthly
    • 9am-12pm or 1pm-4pm RM1500/month; 9am-4pm RM2000/month
    • Make appointment for free pre-enrolment assessment (1 hour)
    • Contact: 011-1133 8518
    • 3 hour or 6 hour session
    • Contact: 03- 8020 6666
    • I called up and was told that they don’t discuss the fee structures over the phone (it kind of makes me suspect …), to call up for appointment.
  • Bright Stars, Ara Damansara (
    • Using ABA, the sun-rise programme; 1:1 or 1:2 individualised
    • 9am-12pm or 12:30pm-3:30pm, RM2900/month; 9am-3pm RM5200/month
    • Contact: 012-3222405 / 03-78590089
    • See (it appears to be the only centre that publishes their pricing online!)
  • The National Autism Society of Malaysia (NASOM) (
    • Many centres all over Malaysia, including one in Miri, Sarawak. One-stop assessment/diagnosis centre is at Setia Alam (603-3359 3987)
    • Star programme, 1:3
    • Monday-Friday 7.30am-12pm or 1pm-5pm (RM318/month, half day only)
    • May need to be put in waiting list but they have intake almost every month throughout the year
    • Note: The centre that I called up to enquire is Taman OUG centre (03-78317928 / 03-78327928)
  • Freelance ABA therapists
    • Usually much more affordable, so it would suit those family with financial constraint.
    • Some might be able to have sessions at home.
    • Standard, facility, materials used, quality, service might be compromised (or not!!)
    • It might be good to do a review (re-assessment) every 6 months or so to check the child’s progress
    • Where to find? Check the comment section below!

Disclaimer: I am in no way involved in any of the abovementioned centres and their therapists, I have not personally known anyone who had used their services so I cannot guarantee their service quality and outcome. I’m only providing different options to those who might need it, feel free to add your comments or recommend other centres below.

33 thoughts on “Intervention Programmes for Autism in Malaysia

  1. Hi! I run a preschool and homeschool in Setia Alam and am currently looking for a special needs teacher cum therapist. Please contact me at 0123231737

  2. I am father of an autistic daughter (3&1/2 years old). I currently looking for center for autism programme and also freelance teacher cum therapist. Please contact me at 0123155422.

    1. Hi Mr Cheah, depending on your location, do get in touch with the centers listed above. Unfortunately I do not have any freelance therapist to refer at the moment (one has traveled overseas and the other has reached her maximum capacity)… All the best!

    1. Hi! I just came back from the states worked as ABA therapist for 8 years in both Malaysia and the US. I am currently doing freelancing. My number is+60197900426 contact me if you need!

    2. Dear sir/madam

      I am Rosha and I am specialized in working with children with special need including Autistic KIds. I would be grateful If I can be any of a help.

      please do contact me if there was a need 0176941665.

  3. Hai…..any freelance aba therapist in melaka? I am also looking for center that provides Early interventions pfor autism in Melaka

  4. Hai..any freelance aba therapist in Melaka? I am also looking for center that provides early interventions programmes in melaka? Pls contact me 017-3405956/016-9985956

  5. Hi, I’m a freelance therapist with qualifications and vast experience.Call me at 011-16674431.Text me or Call me. Thanks!

  6. I am looking for therapy for my mild autisme 3 years old daughter plus with daycare somewhere at Old Klang Road, Bangsar, PJ, and nearby areas.

  7. Hello,

    It is honor to contact you and hopefully you are fine.

    We are Egyptian family and we are living now in Saudi Arabia for working.

    My son is 11 years old, he has Autism Spectrum Disorder since he is 3 years.

    Unfortunately we don’t have professional schools and qualified centers to deal with Autism in our Middle East countries like my home country Egypt or Saudi Arabia.

    My son came back from USA after diagnosis in Cleveland Children Hospital in last November 2016 and after that, he joined Autism academy for 5 months in Texas to receive ABA therapy and came back to Saudi Arabia.

    We impressed with very good results and improvements during staying in Academy but unfortunately that academy is not school to offer student visa for international students.

    I feel disappointed and worried about my son because I tried to contact many schools and Autism therapy providers but I felt shocked due to expensive tuition and management costs.

    My son made also Hearing test , EEG and CT scan and Food Allergens test and he is normal and fine.

    My son is shy with foreigners , he has good eye contact with others, he has an excellent visual memory and he knows everything he sees even if once.

    He can speak a phrase consists of 3 words and can answer some questions (not all) but he can’t start or continue in a long discussion.

    He can read and write all studied words easily, but if new words , he may make mistakes and his handwriting is not so clear.

    I would like to inform you that my son knows some English words because our home language is Arabic and I am sure you know that autistic children have already some difficulties in learning and speech but He did well during staying in USA for 5 months.

    I will be so grateful if you recommend program for my son to help him in education difficulties, social and communication skills.

    I am asking your favor to recommend program with affordable cost because I don’t have insurance and my savings became little after coming back from USA.

    Thank you and I appreciate your time and I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Sameh Elnaggar

    +966 559458058

    1. Dear Sir/Madam, thank you for your message. I hope you and your family are well. I’m not aware of any intervention programme in your region, and neither am I specialised in this area to give you any advice. Feel free to get in touch with the centers or freelance therapists listed here to explore any possibilities. I hope your boy gets the help he needs.

      With my warm regards,
      Hui Bee

  8. Hi, I’m a freelance therapist, experienced with kids with severe to mild Autism. I can travel and do home sessions around klag valley (klang, subang, pj, kl etc). Kindly contact me at +018-2411873. Tq!

  9. Hi, I’m a freelance therapist, experienced with kids with severe to mild Autism. I can travel and do home sessions around klag valley (klang, subang, pj, kl etc). Kindly contact me at +6018-2028080Tq!

  10. Hello, i am a freelance ABA Therapist, experienced with mild to severe autistic children, delayed speech, behaviour and skill deficit children. kindly contact me at 0102126997

  11. Hi,
    May I know if there is any daycare centre which can take in a 3 year old who still does not speak full sentence other than mono-syllable words, in Subang? Thank you.

  12. Daily Living and Social Skills Course (5 months)

    Training is FOC with RM 500 allowance @ trainee per month. The course is only for those keen to be facilitators at Persatuan Kanner Melaka.

    Interested, please contact Mr Tan, +60123943951

    Training will be conducted in Melaka. Trainees who complete the training will be issued certificates & offered jobs by Persatuan Kanner Melaka.

  13. Hello,
    I’m a freelance Therapist and Special needs educator. Experience in ASD, GDD, Dandy Walker, CP and learning disability. Kindly contact me at 012- 5433544

  14. My name is Sarah. I’m a freelance BCBA from the US. I am looking for 1-2 private clients. I can supervise a program or do some direct work.
    What’s App +1-831-251-7453.

  15. Hi I’m That’s.
    Hi, I’m a freelance therapist, experienced with kids with severe to mild Autism. I can travel and do home sessions around klag valley (klang, subang, pj, kl etc). Kindly contact me at +60166300413Tq!

  16. Hi, i have experience working as a behaviour therapist and is currently looking for freelance jobs. Please do contact me at 0166901682 thank you!

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