Is hypnosis for me?

Is hypnosis/hypnotherapy for me?

Try these!

Exercise 1 – Postural Suggestion:

  1. Stretch both of your arms in front of you at shoulder level, palms facing up. With eyes closed, imagine a pile of books being stacked on your right palm.
  2. Imagine a couple more books, and then a couple more books being stacked on top of those books on your right palm. Feel the strain in your arm as it gets heavier and heavier, heavier and heavier.
  3. Now imagine a huge balloon filled with helium has been tied to your left wrist and is tugging it up into the air ….higher and higher ….higher and higher.
  4. Open your eyes and notice where your arms are relative to each other.

Exercise 2 – Postural Sway:

  1. Stand up with your eyes closed and imagine holding a big heavy suitcase in your left hand.
  2. Imagine bigger and bigger suitcases weighting down your left side, pulling you over.
  3. After 2 or 3 minutes, open your eyes and notice any changes in your posture.

Make sure you read the instructions clearly, then only you close your eyes and try them.

Most people who try these two exercises notice that their bodies/arms move at least a little in response to these suggestions (Exercise 1 works particularly well for me). If you don’t notice any movement, practice the exercises a few more times. If you still don’t notice even the slightest amount of movement, hypnosis may not be for you!

Also, some contraindications of hypnosis include people who are disorientated due to organic brain syndrome or psychosis, people who are severely mentally retarded, and people who are paranoid or hypervigilant. So these people shouldn’t be performing self-hypnosis or being hypnotised.

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