Is Meditation for you?

The patient called up to ask about her diagnosis, saying she’s applying for a meditation course (V******), and she’d have to clarify all her illness and past medical history, and also the type of medicine she’s taking and what they’re for.

This patient recently had a relapse and came back to us. She made the call just few days after the visit.

This is a course completely non-commercial. The participants only have to do some donations after the 10-day course, so that the course can continue to benefit others (especially if you find it beneficial, you’ll probably like to donate more, so more people get the benefits). It teaches some mindfulness training, and you explore yourself and your mind “deeply”. (to understand the course better you should visit their website or contact the relevant personnel, it’s not the focus here).

In the past there have been patients from the clinic who went for those meditation courses, whether they are commercial or not those courses usually lead people to a better, calmer self with clearer insight and mind. But unfortunately, quite a few of them had a relapse after attending those courses. Some of them have to quit half-way.

I’m not saying that those courses are bad, since mindfulness training and meditation are found to be beneficial for most people; but they may not be suitable for certain group of people, e.g. those who have a mental illness history, or still currently take medication or undergo psychotherapy for their psychological problems. This is especially the case when the problems are psychotic related or based as their psychotic symptoms (e.g. visual/auditory hallucinations) may be exaggerated during meditation. An assessment by the attending clinician may be more appropriate before going for it.

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