Asperger Syndrome

Two of the tutors came to the mother today and said that they were unable to help the boy with his studies as his attention span is too short, he keeps get distracted.

This is a boy of 13 with Asperger Syndrome which was diagnosed when he was 6. With medication the boy still does not improve significantly after all the years. In school, he disturbs his classmates by walking around the classroom and talking to them while teachers are teaching. He also flips his books quickly (without reading them, but he likes creating that sound while flipping books), tears and folds books and papers. The teachers said he isn’t able to do any independent work, although he appears to have adequate intellectual abilities just like his classmates. Unfortunately he is never able to get seated down for a short test. The teachers don’t know what to do to help him, and he makes no friends in school due to his annoying behaviours.

Tutors were hired to assist him in school and to give tuition at home, but a few have left for the same reason as above – he’s too difficult to manage, to be helped. He can’t concentrate in studies or perhaps in “doing anything meaningful”, as how the mother termed it. He scratches himself badly, almost obsessed with this habit.

The parents are feeling helpless. If the medicine couldn’t touch him at all, what else would?

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