Why people come for Therapy

There are many different types of therapy, and there are many reasons people approach those therapists for help. Here are some reasons:

In general, for any psychotherapy:

  • Feeling moody, low, and/or depressed
  • Feeling anxious
  • Lacking confidence
  • Worrying too much
  • Not able to sleep/rest well
  • Relationship related problems
  • Feeling hopeless and lost
  • In need to talk to somebody and get some advice
  • Combination of all the above (common!)
  • Obsession and compulsion related
  • Eating related disorders
  • Anger related problems, being irritable
  • Schizophrenia and psychotic related symptoms
  • Being diagnosed as Personality Disorders (e.g. Borderline is more commonly seen)
  • Being diagnosed as developmental disorders (e.g. ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, learning disability)
  • Wanting to be assessed to see if anything is wrong (just like when you go for medical check up; this is not common, but I’ve seen a few now!)
  • In need of guidance during their self-discovery and self-improvement journey (this is rare! But glad that I’ve seen a few too!)
  • In need of guidance after being diagnosed of cancer
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For hypnotherapy:

  • Wanting to remove a piece of memory
  • Wanting to forget something or someone
  • Wanting to recall something or someone
  • Being in pain
  • Wanting to be more confident
  • Looking for the root cause of some recent problems
  • Feeling lost, uncertain with the future
  • Hoping to release some emotions
  • Hoping hypnosis is the solution to their problems that couldn’t be solved otherwise
  • Wanting to achieve something great
  • Wanting to increase motivation to… (e.g. work, study, lose weight, workout)
  • Wanting to focus better
  • Wanting to change a bad habit (e.g. smoking, not exercising, nail-biting)
  • Wanting to improve general wellbeing and sense of happiness
“… And on the way out, you won’t notice my car parked in a no parking zone.”

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