More than a body (2021)

I haven’t recommended any book to do with eating disorders so far. I wonder why because I do read quite a few though not usually cover to cover. But I came across this book published last year, written by both PhD twin sisters, and found it pretty relevant. 

More than a body: Your body is an instrument, not an ornament, by Linsay Kite PhD and Lexie Kite PhD

There are six chapters covering:

  • Rising with Body Image Resilience
  • Critiquing and Creating your Media Environment
  • From Self-Objectification to Self-Actualisation
  • From Divided to United as Women
  • Reclaiming Health and Fitness for yourself
  • A Resilient Reunion

It’s less so a workbook (unlike “The Inside Scoop on Eating Disorder Recovery”), but more of a journey of gaining perspectives, awareness and insights. However, in the beginning of each chapter there are usually some questions asked, for reflection purposes and it’d be good to do so before you begin reading the chapter. 

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