6 thoughts on “Meet Hui Bee!

  1. Highly recommendable for people suffering with OCD. If not her, I’d still be living in my little comfort zone with all my rituals.

    1. It was more of your effort than mine to be honest. It wasn’t an easy journey but you managed it so well. The credit is yours, thanks yourself! :)

  2. Ms Hui Bee is really competent and so friendly. We haven’t even met her yet, only sent her a few voice messages about my husband’s problems, she immediately identified and pinpointed probable causes and diagnoses… Something that my hubby suffered for two to three years and saw a number of specialists…. We wish she had a foundation that we can donate to because we didn’t end up seeing her due to the distance.

    I’m sure you will fly high in life & success will be with you always Ms Hui Bee.

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